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Two things that horses are scared about:

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December 23, 2016

Just Before Christmas!

My really nice Kia Sportage which I was planning on driving for the next 5 years, took a hit on December 18. I was crossing Hwy 43 on a green light when a fellow turned in front of me and hit me pretty hard. The picture is a little blurry due to poor light and me using my phone camera. The hood is still straight, but everything beneath at the front was displaced, meaning a bent frame and a write off of the vehicle. The car was moved back and over about 6 feet. I was impressed how well the car took the hit. I had a bruised shoulder and ended up in the hospital briefly to get my blood pressure down to normal. It was pretty high. There was a lady and her unborn baby killed at the same spot about 3 weeks ago, and another collision there about 2 hours after mine. As I told the officers, "It could have been a lot worse and at 40 below to boot" Now it's waiting for the insurance folks to do their thing.

On the 22nd, I discovered this little beauty as a replacement. Elaine and I took it to Edmonton today, and it handles like a dream! It's a Kia Soul, second hand but in a price range we think we can afford. We hope the insurance folks are reasonable! 

So ends 58 years of driving without an accident! Fortunately, the other folks were not hurt, but were 100% at fault. So, no rise in premiums, no deductible, and nobody hurt.

Merry Christmas everybody! 
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