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May 17, 2021

Items of Interest

 I found this little gem while cleaning up some bookshelves. I suspect someone gave it to Elaine as a birthday present. It is a small booklet full of interesting facts about 1946.

For instance in 1946 the lifespan of a person was 62.9 years! That doesn't seem to me to be a whole lot!
I looked up what it was for Canada for a person born in 2021. For both sexes it turns out the average is 83.0 years with females being 84.7 years.

Not to be outdone by other countries, I Googled and found that Canada the Great, was ranked #16 in UN Countries, behind counties like Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Switzerland Singapore  plus 11 other countries. The leading countries have almost two years greater life expectancy than us!

What is going on? Is our diet to blame? Obesity, ? We are not behind by much, but we are behind!
Vaccinations have wiped out a lot of diseases  and we have gained a lot of years due to modern medicine.

As I keep reading, I will post other items of interest in future blogs