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September 19, 2020

On to RVing!

Now this is the way to test out a new Motorhome! Relaxed!

Even Daphne took to it. She tended to crowd me on the bed at night though,

Now, you are probably going to ask "What the H... are you doing buying a motorhome at this stage in your life?" The answer is fairly easy. Elaine has been housebound for over a year and would like to get out and see things. This is very similar on how we got into horses. Elaine couldn't walk, drive or do almost anything, but a friend said that maybe she could ride. Two weeks later we were happy owners of two horses, no place to put them, and 10 acres of poplar bush, trees and no fencing. It was a steep learning curve, but we really enjoyed them!
The beast that we have now is a 2004 Majestic Motorhome in excellent shape, a big V 10 motor, and good space inside for sleeping up to 6. Fridge, freezer, Hot water and fresh water supply operating on electric or propane. It should be self sufficient for at least a week.

Daphne took to it very well and slept on the bench when we were travelling. She almost broke her nose sniffing out all the new smells 

Being the conservative being that I am, I suggested we take it someplace close for a three day trial to make sure everything worked and to work out what we might need in the future. We didn't miss much on the list, but there were a few things.

We headed out to the RV Park in Sangudo, a place about 61 km from Whitecourt. It was very quiet at this time of the year, but the weather was great + 4C at night and +18 to 23 in the daytime. Did I mention that it has a great furnace? It does, and kept us very comfortable even when a window was left open in the cab.

We did some walking, and Elaine was able to do a half mile with just her cane. She even slept better for it!

I took my camera , but with the smoke from the fires in the western U.S. it was tough to get any photos.

I did find this feral cat out hunting mice and hiding from Daphne

The Old Crows were every where. All in all, a very good day!