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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 1, 2017

Simply Amazing

Just after Christmas, we had an amazing event happen. My son and I decided to take our dogs for a good long walk to get rid of some hypersensitivity. I drove Daphne over to the place where they were staying, way over on the other side of town. We entered the house and Max and Daphne ran around for a bit, and the four of us set off. She had never been to this place before.

We walked about 6 blocks with the dogs on leashes then cut down the Ravine Trail. It is pretty rough terrain due to trees, brush and deadfalls.

Almost at the other end, Daphne spotted four deer and took off after them. She would not recall and Mike and I spent about an hour trying to call her back or find her tracks. No luck!

We decided that we would return to the house and get some vehicles to cover more street, hoping that some coyotes or a cougar did not get her, then if necessary return after dark with flashlights.

It took a while to get back out of the gulley and get back to the house. As we turned the corner into the yard, what was sitting on the from steps of the house? Yep. Daphne.

How she found her way out of the Ravine, maneuvered about 12 blocks of town and found the house that she had only been to once, is beyond me!

Good dog, Daphne!  

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