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October 26, 2015

Biggest! Ever! We ARE in the North Afterall

 Today, I took my knife and beheaded this 29 pound pumpkin, the biggest that we have ever managed to grow! It took three weeks in the house by the window to get it to ripen. It was well worth the effort!

There are now three pies on the counter, three in the oven plus two pumpkin dishes for tonight. That is half the critter used up. Now for tomorrow, do I make 8 pies, or vary with some coffee cake or muffins? Decisions. Always decisions! We have another 10 pounder ripening plus a 5 pounder. Looks like another couple of days in the kitchen!


Michelle said...

I vote for coffee cake and muffins!

Alica said...

That's a lot of pumpkin. The pies look delicious! How about a pumpkin roll or two tomorrow?

Gail said...

Amazing and my favorite pie is pumpkin!

Mom used to make fried pumpkin which simply meant cooking the liquid out and use the normal crust.

You can freeze the pies and they will be fine.

peihome said...

Oh yum! Pies, crisps, muffins - all good!

Texan said...

What a beauty that pumpkin is! mmm I would do some muffins and coffee cakes to go with the pies and all :O). Alica idea is good to a pumpkin roll! mmm

4RRanch said...

I would vote for pie, that has always been my favorite.