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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

May 6, 2013

Oh, Yes!

The temperatures have gone from 0C (32F) to 27C (80F) in just 2 days! A little heat and the horses and Boots are content to hang out around the water cooler. The horses are going through 1 1/2 tanks of water every 2 days. All are still suffering with winter coats, although it is shedding off fast.
 Brooklyn is just starting the shed, and a good roll takes care of some of the itch. She can be found hanging out in the shade.
 Or going for a walk with me. I checked some of the fence line today and found some damage done by the moose this winter. So far it's been mostly popped staples.
 I don't know what this weed is, but it came up and flowered in 2 days.
 The trio definitely want out of the sacrifice area and into the lower field. The grass is still too short and the field is too wet. Note the ribs on Tucker! That is a vast improvement over the winter, but I am afraid it will be her last summer. Old age, 27, is tough to handle on a horse.

 Some of the smaller twigs are flowering out already.
I had to go and buy some more hay yesterday. I didn't have enough to last. 30 bales later and a very sore back, I got it put away in the garage until things dry up and I can get it to the shelter without leaving big ruts. Murphy says that your quad is going to break down just when you need it most! I lost 2 forward gears and reverse. Did you know that Murphy was actually an optimist?

Tomorrow, I will try to get it into shelter and see what is wrong.

Keep smiling though, things could get worse. I smiled, and sure enough, they did. :-{
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