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Two things that horses are scared about:

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May 7, 2013

For All you Horse Lovers! really Neat!

War Horses.

These horses were originally bred as "war horses" in the days of knights and armor. As armor got heavier, bigger horses were needed and the Friesian almost became extinct. They are back and are one of the prettiest horses in stature as well as gait.

What gorgeous animals!!
Just watching them becomes an emotional experience. Can you imagine what it would be like to ride one?
Their manes and tails are the longest that I have seen and I noticed that when performing on grass, their hoofs do not kick up a divot (they land flat footed).

Creatures such as these are what makes this world so special. These horses are native to the Netherlands . Have your audio on.


MTWaggin said...

Friesian's are one of my favorites, along with draft horses. Gypsy Vanners are right up there too.

C-ingspots said...

They are magnificent! And I would agree with you, they're so beautiful that I cannot help but be overcome with emotion when seeing them. A blessing from God for sure!

peihome said...

That's interesting about the Friesen landing flat-footed - I wish our horses did the same!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They are such gorgeous horses.
As for what type of duck that was...I have no clue! There were two of them though...they were a couple.

Lana88 said...

The most gorgeous breed of horse, hands down, in my opinion. They have always been the horse of my dreams! I have heard they can be difficult to ride at first and take a little getting used to, but that they are dreamy to own. I have met a few myself, and all were complete gentlemen/ladies in horsenality.

Terry said...


Montanagirl said...

That video was breathtaking! I have never seen a horse as beautiful as these Friesians! Thank you for sharing.

Willow said...

Magnificent animals they are indeed I have had the pleasure of meeting a few. Joe Perry from Areosmith (yup te band ) use to go to the same tack shop as us and it was really cool to hear him talk about his Fresians ...he and is wife both owned one, they moved but pretty sure they still own Fresians. Martha Stewart in Conn does too ( nope never met her). Super expensive horses to buy but super gorgeous and a wonderful breed with such magnificent interesting heritage as you point out.