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September 15, 2012

Who's Going to Miss It!

As the deadline for the big lock out looms (tonight), I ask myself "Just how greedy can things get?" 
Here are some of the highest paid athletes in the world from $400,000 per year up to 100+ millions saying that it's not enough, we want more. Sure, the career might be short, but not always. Properly managed, the financial earned in one or two years properly invested can set the player up very well for the rest of his life.
Then there are the owners. I really feel sorry for these millionaires. They are allegedly losing money. Ha! They have priced the family attendance to games out of this world.  Still, they want more!
The players union is a farce. They are not looking after the player's interests at all. They are on a power struggle with management to see who can "win". I have news for both parties. You both are going to lose in revenue, in fan loyalty and in reputation. 
I am interested in the outcome mainly to satisfy my inquisitiveness about how far this greed will go.
I lost interest in the NHL many years ago when it became obvious (to me at least) that the almighty dollar was more important than the game. Should the lock out occur, then maybe the networks will start carrying the World Tiddlywinks Championship events. It should be more entertaining than watching highly overpaid athletes parade around the rink.  

There are better things to do on the Acreage than watch that crap.

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