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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

August 6, 2012

San Jacinto State Park

This was another highlight of the Houston trip.
 The view from the bottom shows a 570 foot monument. Up near the top, is the observation deck. Apparently, Texas had to get Federal money and/or approval to build it. This was granted provided that it was shorter than the Washington monument. Now, those sneaky Texans ( you know who you are) added a bigger foot and a 220 ton Texas star to make it taller than Washington's. The plans submitted did not include the additions.
 Pardon the history lesson, but this is all new to me. Sure, I heard about the war and the Alamo, but there was a whole bunch of stuff here that I had no idea about.

 Just think, a million square miles of territory changed hands in a 20 minute battle!

Before you call Homeland Security, I did not spray paint this! Well, I kinda, sorta did, using Paint. No State treasures were harmed by this wee bit of pride. I was amazed at the diversity of the combatants.
 The view from the top, about 570 feet up is impressive. The USS Texas is actually a few feet longer in length than the monument is tall. The theater inside put on one of the best historical documentaries that I have seen. Well done, Texas!
For those looking for more here is a  LINK
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