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August 5, 2012

Good to be Back!

The raspberry bushes are now almost 7 feet tall. The spring was cold so it appears the growth went into next year's canes rather than into the berries. Last year we got 100+pounds of berries. This year we will be lucky to get 40. When the bushes are this tall and you hear slurping noises, you immediately think " Bear"!
 She is big enough to be classified as a bear, but is the wrong colour. Brooklyn taught herself to pick raspberries. She just lips them off the branches. There is no way that she ate 50+ pounds! Bad dog!
The five rows of peas will be ready for freezing this week. The carrots will stay in the ground until first frost. They seem to grow best in October.
 More shots of the very tasty peas. Brooklyn hasn't figured peas out yet.

The potato patch is producing already. Elaine likes baby spuds and I like the heaviest that can be grown.
We had quite a wind yesterday, The powers to be are looking at perhaps a little tornado. It was at the minimum, a severe down burst. Several cars were squished by trees, a couple of roofs went missing and a few roads were blocked by fallen trees. The worst missed us by half a mile, and we suffered no damage on the Acreage. The power was off for 20 hours due to trees on the power lines. All the chickens in the Kenmore Hilton were OK after that time so I guess the claim that a freezer is good for 24 hours holds, as long as the freezer isn't opened. The storm came right out of the blue with virtually no warning. Ah, well, Life in Alberta has it's moments!

Firewood available. U-Pick.

Environment Canada is forecasting more of the same tonight with the possibility of large hail. The large crop of apples is getting close to harvesting, but is not there yet. I would hate to lose another bunch!


TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the downed trees and the power loss, but glad it was restored for you. hate to see those beautiful birch downed!

(cute little brooklyn!)

Alica said...

You certainly know how to grow them big in Alberta. 7' tall raspberries? I'd be in heaven with that many berries! Brooklyn reminds me a little of our Murphy...she didn't eat my berries, but dug them out, in search of a groundhog living underneath the garden shed.

Bev said...

Well you have your work cut out for you!! Isn't it funny how we have to pay for nice weather in Alberta!! The day usually ends with a storm...

Texan said...

Bummer on loosing the trees, I understand that sadness we have lost so many here in the last few years. sighhh.

Your garden looks fantastic. Ours is done and yours is just getting there :O). Raspberries YUMMMMMMMY

Smart doggy! :O)

Michelle said...

I always hate to lose trees here on my farm, so I am sure you are feeling the same about yours. Glad to hear the electric is back on for you.

joyce said...

I think I need to pick my peas posthaste...they are getting tough when you eat them raw. My raspberries, however, are pretty sad looking this year. Need to do something with the soil for next year.

S. Etole said...

What a loss with all those trees down. Your garden looks wonderful though.

luckybunny said...

Thanks for the offer of firewood but by the sounds of what I'm hearing from home, we'll have enough for a few years from what's fallen down there! LOL. What a year for wind. Glad your power is back. Everything looks like it's growing great. Hope you enjoyed your trip! I'm glad you didn't completely melt!

Bernadine said...

Your garden looks amazing! I love the color of that rich looking dirt. It has to beat my Georgia clay!! And 7' raspberry bushes... I've never seen such a thing! All I have to say is "WOW".