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August 4, 2012


One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the USS TEXAS, the only remaining battle wagon in the world, and at one time (1914) the most powerful ship afloat. The State  Republic of Texas is doing the restoration up proud!
At 571 feet long and displacing 34,000 tons, it is an impressive ship! The above view is from the top of the San Jacinto monument 

The main guns can throw a 1500 pound projectile 15 miles using 400 pounds of powder per shot.

Defensively, it was formidable, but was  doomed by the advancement of aviation.

The Armour was impressive also
 Everybody had to have a hand at working the guns.
 There was one freighter that was inbound that was tracked closely.
 Main rounds for the 14 inch guns, 1500 pounds each. When the ship fired a full broadside, 15 tons of projectiles left the ship.

All in all, a very fun trip! How they managed to get 1600 people on board is another puzzle. Below decks was a mass of hanging cots, sick bay, stores, and dentistry.

I would recommend the site, if you are in the San Jacinto area!


TexWisGirl said...

those guns are huge and intimidating! glad you enjoyed the tour.

joyce said...

I don't hink you could walk around with a pocketfull of those "bullets". Pretty impressive!

Mary Ann said...

Oh my, I have only seen the big ships once, at the Philadelphia Naval Yards... and my dad had been a Navy man... I loved this post!

Michelle said...

I understand your puzzlement of how everyone fits on board. We had a tour of a nuclear sub several years ago. Some seriously tight quarters, indeed. Gives a new respect to our military. The little ones are awfully cute!

Bernadine said...

Looks like a great vacation. Thanks for posting the information on this ship. I wonder how they lifted those missiles? Manpower?