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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

August 22, 2012

First Trail Ride for the Girls

It was a nice, cool, day and we arranged for  a trail ride today. The pictures are from two years ago and the twins have changed a lot, more mature and very lady like. At 16 and going into grade 10 it is still nice to see them want to hang out with "the old guy".
Jamie started out on Tucker, but Tucker being the old wise mare of many riders, would not co-operate at all. So about 1/2 mile out I swapped Tucker out for Alpine. Alpine did awesome. After a few circles Tucker decided to co-operate ( or else). Alpine also did a very good foot stomp on Jamie. I remembered to tell them to wear long pants for the bugs, but didn't mention NOT to wear sandals. Big multi- coloured boo boo in progress.

Jesse did great on Biz, although there were a few moments to be worked through. This was the first time that I let the girls out of the paddock as they only get to ride one or two days a year. It was the first time talking them through a steep incline, up and down. They did awesome!

I took the camera but was a little too busy to take pictures. Hopefully I can get a few from their grandma before the ride.

Oh, yeah, other than the foot stomp, the only casualty was me. A dog was sitting on the edge of his property and spooked Tucker sending me flat on my back. It knocked the wind out of me, but so far, no other damage.  I'm just glad it was me and not one of the girls.

All in all, a very good day!
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