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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

August 24, 2012

What Did I Do Today?

The aquarium was getting to be a mess. With Sushi gone, I decided to do a clean up. After only 24 hours, the water clarity improved dramatically. Rubber Lips even came out of hiding and posed at the front of the tank.
 He is getting to be a fair size considering that he used to lay cross wise in the arch in the back ground.
The other thing that came up was the fact that the beans had matured. Three gallons were ended, cut up and frozen This supplied us with 9 large bags of beans (more on the way, if the frost doesn't nail them).
The peas were good, but did not produce enough to freeze. Instead we cooked a few, and ate 2 gallons worth, raw. The almost last cucumbers were picked and the remaining vines are turning yellow.

Next will be the task of peeling, coring and cutting up the apple crop prior to making applesauce  and crumbles. Work never seems to stop. I have to get it done as hunting season is fast approaching!
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