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August 31, 2012

Down and Out

Our service provider  (Telus) has been getting worse and worse over the last 8 months, to the point that it is starting to take several days before we can do anything on the internet.

I first reported the problem January 21 of this year,, namely slow to no access and restricted times of access. It was reported again on February 8. at this time they promised a fix in the next month. Still no joy on March 12. August 29, they admitted that their tower was overloaded and could not give a resolution date, target, or even if they were going to fix it.

Keep that in mind when you are viewing their TV adverts on how they "put the customer first".

In the meantime, I will post when I can, read what I can, but may not respond. If I don't comment on posts, you will know why.

The search for a GOOD rural provider has been bounced up several notches.


TexWisGirl said...

ugh! i hate that! i follow another canadian blogger that suffers with hers, as well!

Alica said...

It sounds extremely frustrating! I'll still be reading, so post when you can!

Lana said...

But, as for all the other rural living aspects, you are living life at its rural finest. We'll be hanging around and waiting, hope it gets back on line fast!


Terry said...

Bummer! Hope you get it straightened out.

joyce said...

rural internet is frustrating....telus only offers dialup here but we do have a local broadband server that charges way way too much for mediocore speed. Best of luck with yours!

Dar said...

I will complain no more when my computer goes down...we have been fortunate so I do hope you some of it. I'm frustrated for you but will hang in there with you, cuz I love reading your laid-back lifestyle. Love the horses, I wonder if Alpine loves trail riding. He's gorgeous. Also, our Rubber-nosed Plegastamus came glass-side too. We hadn't seen him for quite some time.
As for the produce, we have been gathering for months, just picked another bushel of tomatoes so really must get to them.
BlessYa, and Don'tGiveUp ILoveComingToVisitHere