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September 3, 2012

2012 Apple Produce

In just 3 months we have gone from flowers to apples to lots of ripe apples! This is exceptional for us as we are in Zone 2 of the gardening divisions. That is, we get winters down to -40C, and have a very short growing season.
We got two of these tubs from one of our 5 apple trees. I wish that I had written down what type of apples these are, because after 8 years of waiting for them to produce more than 10 or so apples, the memory gets fuzzy.
 After 6 hours of peeling, coring, quartering and cooking, I got 16 pints of applesauce. There is still 2/3 of a tub of apples left. I guess that I will cut them up and freeze them for crumbles, or pies during the winter.
 This was amazing in that none were bruised, bug infested or hail damaged. We have had two hail storms go through here but I guess the hail was not large enough to cause damage.

There must be an easier way to process these dudes without peeling with a potato peeler, or coring with a manual push through corer. I would have kept going, but my hands were getting sore.

The best part is that the end result has seen no pesticides, and is 100% organic!

The applesauce is sweet enough that no sugar was needed, just a little cinnamon and nutmeg.

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