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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 23, 2012

More Silly Bug Photos

With a tongue that long, he can get right down to the bottom. 1000th of a second will not quite stop the wings. I have never seen one of these just sitting on a flower. You might say, "He's just a hummin".
lest we forget, this guy is only about an inch long. He is quick and very hard to keep in focus.


TexWisGirl said...

so are the bugs silly or are your photos silly? just teasing. i love these odd hummingbird moths.

Bernadine said...

Beautiful, detailed photos. I've never seen a butterfly moth. It's an interesting creature.

Li said...

Thank you, thank you!!!! I first saw these in my garden last year, and I was afraid of them! Glad to know they are moths :-)

Lana said...

Okay, I've never even heard of these. Are these really a type of moth or is that a running joke?

:-/ I am amazed by your photography. Speaking of bees, I try to not start running like a lunatic when I see one, I've never been comfortable around bees, for a good reason, but I try to not panic. Hard for a gardner to do!