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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 22, 2012

Wow! A Tough Day!

I cut half the grass today and left the rest to tomorrow morning when it's cooler.
I am a good horse, honest!

It got up to about 23C and I decided it was time to put a few miles on Alpine. She came to be haltered OK, led to the paddock OK was groomed with no problem and went through all the compliance checks that I normally do before trusting this old bod to the saddle. Everything was copacetic until I went to put my foot in the stirrup. At that point she kept moving away. I am well past the years of vaulting into the saddle!

We did some more ground work and I tried again. Foot in stirrup, weight on foot, ready to swing the leg over and she blew up! Straight forward at a gallop, then into a frenzy of bucking. Shortly after the first buck, I departed. I really had no chance. I landed on my shoulder then my hip. Fortunately, there was no damage except maybe some big bruises by morning and of course there was the pride that went out the window.

I got back up and we did some paddock work for about 45 minutes. She behaved . I did not take her out on the road way. I will save that for tomorrow.

Looking at the positive side, only 85 more involuntary flights and I will have earned the right to be called a cowboy! You are supposed to have 100 to make it so. On the negative side, this bod doesn't bounce as well as it used to!
It really hurt!
Tucker was walking lame for the past few days. I had just trimmed her and found nothing wrong. By today she could not weight bear at all on the right front leg. The vet showed up at 5:15 pm and proceeded to dig away at the white line. The hoof tester showed severe pain all over the place. After going in about 1/2 inch, he found an abscess complete with black gunk. Some more digging, a huge shot of penicillin, preceded by a knock out injection and she could put some weight on the foot. While she was "out", I soaked her foot in Epson salts and water and sprayed her up with fly spray. She will be in the paddock on grass for a day or 2 until she clears up. Tomorrow and for the next 4 days she gets 4 grams of Bute per day.

Boots was a real trooper during all this. He ignored the other two horses and just lay and watched Tucker. He even slept on the front deck overlooking the horse paddock. Dedication!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow! This has been a good one to have in the rear view mirror.


TexWisGirl said...

well, as gorgeous as alpine is to me, i lack the riding and horse-handling skill that you have - and that's why i haven't driven up to steal her from you (or your wife, that is). SO glad you weren't 'broken'!

and i hope tucker gets well very quickly!!! yikes!

Bernadine said...

What breed of horse is Alpine? She's beautiful. I'm glad you weren't hurt. I owned a Thoroughbred who spooked all the time. I would go sailing off. I should have been counting, maybe I would be an official 'cowgirl'.

luckybunny said...

OH Ouch! I'm glad you didn't break anything either and that hopefully the worst of it is bruises to your body and pride. You trying out for the stampede?

Michelle said...

I will have to skip the whole cowgirl thing. One bounce off of the horse and I would be finished! Glad you were not hurt!

Terry said...

Ouch! Glad you weren't badly hurt/
"Betwixt the stirrup and the ground
mercy I ask'd
mercy I found"

Lana said...

I am thankful you weren't more injured. It's great you called the vet, even after your inspection. Sounds like you've got a great vet. I hope healing for both of you goes quickly!


DebH said...

I bet your hurting...glad you didn't bust something. Well, other than a little pride but I can't imagine myself at this age being able to take a tumble...I'ld be laid up for days. Sounds like you did good on the vet call for sure. Those abscesses can be hard on horses. You are a good keeper!

allhorsestuff said...

Ian hi!
Sorry to hear about the " Alpine trek" you took. Sounds like she could use a warming up or massage before her tack and YOU -on her back!

Is that 100 falls of a horse-in a lifetime, year, or per horse??

Really hoping you'll get to feeling' better. And your healing horsey too.
Yours are shod or barefoot?
What do you think caused the abccess?

Bobby Tall Horse said...

Gracious Ian! I know what you mean, I don't "bounce" as good as I used to either! Hope you are okay.

Sorry to hear that your horse is lame..I'm sure it'll be healed up in no time!