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Two things that horses are scared about:

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May 16, 2012

What's in Your Back Yard?

While sitting and waiting for the horse trough to fill, I noticed this activity going on. I have no idea what sort of insect these are, but they sure were cooperative.

 This may be too much detail for some of you, but this was a great opportunity to see what this marvelous little camera could do.

I thought it may have been a Damsel Fly,, but their wings stand up rather than laying flat. Any knowledgeable insect identifiers out there?

I think that this is about the limit for a macro close-up. The whole insect is about an inch long.


TexWisGirl said...

a mayfly?

pilgrimscottage said...

My guess is that these are the "daddy long-leg crane fly". You could probably try and look it up on the web.

Ian said...

It looks like pilgrimscottage is right! Thanks for your help.

Following from ""

Common Name:
Crane Fly
Order Name:
Family Name:
Members of this Order of insects are extremely diverse. Many are small and agile flies as their name suggests. Some flies carry the tainted reputation for being carriers of disease such as malaria and yellow fever. Fly groups include crane flies, midges, gnats, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, window flies, robber flies, bee flies, house flies, fruit flies, shore flies, dung flies, flesh flies and many others.

Crane fly adults only live for a couple of days and do not usually feed. Their larval stages are usually aquatic. These flies easily loose their long spindly legs if handled. Because of their size, you can study the “halteres” organs. Halteres function as balancing gyroscopes and are located just behind the first set of wings on the thorax. This large crane fly is sometimes mistaken for a giant mosquito due to conspicuous mouthparts. In England, they carry the common name of “daddy-long_legs”, not to be confused with Phalangida group of arachnids which also carry this common name. The French call these insects “cousins”.

Bobbi Jo said...

Not a fan of bugs but those are great pictures. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Crystal Mary said...

I hate creepy crawlies but I have to say, these photos are excellent. I have seen a few micro pics lately, what a terrific camera to own..
You will have to take some up close say, of your horses eye... it will be amazing what you capture.

peihome said...

Great photos, though!