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March 21, 2012

I am Beat!

For the last few days I have been fighting with the "New and Improved" Google+. My blog lost it's followers because Blogger  decided to go to circles etc. To convert is no easy task as the instructions are "circular" in themselves and generally lead to confusion. The help forum is a misnomer. In other words, I call it a disaster.

Two questions:

1. Are others having the same problems setting this up?

2. Is converting to Word Press easy? Or are there hidden issues?

I guess that is three questions.Bare with me, as my head is once again sore!

Your feed back would be appreciated!


TexWisGirl said...

no idea, ian. i'm still using old blogger interface and have not linked my blog to google+ (although i have an acct there, too).

i still have my follower block, too. i wonder if they're rolling out a 'forced change' in sections...

Lisa B. said...

Ian I havent updated to Google+ and I havnt updated on Blogger lately either. It seems like everytime Google makes changes it effects blogger and I end up pulling my hair out. I hope you figure it out.

pilgrimscottage said...

Hmmm, can't say I've had the courage to try out the new, yet. I hope someone can help you out.

Alica said...

I still use the old blogger, and the blogs I follow still show up on my dashboard.

I also still have my follower block! I never really understood what google friend connect was, and didn't use least not intentionally! The people who typically comment on my blog still do, so I guess they're still getting my feeds as well....???

Are you still getting my feed on your dashboard? I do not like change! :)

Gail said...

Mine wanders off now and then and so does dashboard but they far.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

i too don't want to fool around and am staying with the original, your post came to my box as it should (hope that helps in some way) peace

gtyyup said...

I don't know for sure, but it might be that you linked your Blogger acct w/Google+. I didn't do it because I wanted to keep my "gtyyup" name on Blogger...all my stuff is running as normal.

I feel for you...yes, their help forum is less than helpful :(

Hope you get it figured out~

Gregg said...

You are the second one to say they have lost their old blog. I haven't updated anything, at least intentionaly and I don't have any problems. As far as wordpress, the few I know personally that switched to Wordpress always came back to blogger.