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March 18, 2012

A Perfect (Miraculous!) Day

March 18, 2012 will be a day that we remember for a long, long time! This day marks the reconciliation of our youngest son, Mike and his wife Laurie, after a separation of seven, yes 7, years. During this time, they both focused on the children, and co-parenting. Most important they both found their way to the Lord with the assistance of our church Pastor, who worked extremely hard with them individually, and then collectively with the end result that they stood before the congregation, family, and the Lord and renewed their marriage vows. 
Seven years ago, Mike's boss invited him for coffee across from the church, introduced Mike to a stranger, and then left. Mike did not know who the man was, but got talking and was invited to attend the church the following Sunday. The next day, he found out that the stranger was the Pastor of the church. He made no promises to Mike, other than if he followed the Lord, he would do what he could to help Mike through this. This started an upward spiral. Mike found the Lord, Elaine found the Lord, I found the Lord and  Laurie found the Lord, as did many others in our extended family that previously did not know Him. The end result (or new beginning, a better term) was this morning's reconciliation!

It was not easy, but it goes to show that putting Jesus first in your life,  will cause great things to happen, in His time, not our time. Elaine and I plus many others have been praying for this to happen for seven years!

Over two hundred people attended Church this morning to witness the event. They came from surrounding parishes, towns and Edmonton.

When I saw the number of people in the church, I thought "There won't be enough food!" for the famous church Potluck lunch. Boy, was I wrong! There was food left over! And it was great!

Once again, the benefits of putting the focus on the Lord, shows the rewards to this born again Christian!

Every day, I give thanks for all the blessings that the Lord has put upon us. Even the tough, and trying times make us grow stronger.

This day, I also gave thanks for a spiritual leader who cares for his people, and is willing to go far beyond what I ever expected. He cares.

I'd better quit now, before this Blog gets too emotional!

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