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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

March 18, 2011

Working the Horse!

Tucker was not cooperative on the ride this afternoon. She did not want to be caught, She did not want to be lead. She did not want to be tacked up. She normally gets this way when coming into heat, however, I saw no sign of same.

I figured on lunging her in my shoveled out corral for a few minutes. 20 minutes later, she was still resisting. Now when Tucker resists, the ears go flat back. The neck extends and she just plain looks ornery.

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After the 20 minutes, she calmed down enough that I got the saddle on, and bridle, and then did a mount. So far, so good! Her intention after all of that was to return to her buddies just out of sight behind the building. After backing her, spinning her and trying all sorts of things to make sure she was compliant, I decided to take her out.Posted by Picasa

 We wandered back up to her herd and then went out of sight and down the driveway. She was very good on the road and I was comfortable trotting her and did a brief cantor.

There was no one around to take pictures of the fun in the corral, but I snapped these after. Tucker was in one of the heaviest sweats that I have ever seen on her.

So, back with her buddies she proceeded to roll.

And roll.

The other two were content to watch for a while, then Boom decided to get into the act

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There is nothing more awkward than an old horse trying to get back up.

Note the spring-like Cumulus clouds building. No rain or thunder boomers yet, but it shows promise!


The End!
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