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March 21, 2011

Happy Spring to Everybody?

Today, to celebrate the first day of spring, we woke up to this! 15cm (6 inches) 0f very heavy wet snow!

If this is part of the global warming hype, I am not buying in.

We just experienced the coldest March in about 40 years where we are about 15 degrees C below normal. What gives? Global warming should mean the opposite.

We broke trail and managed to get to town this morning. The County had the school bus routes plowed out. The trick was to get to one of them! (Note to me: talk to the neighbours to have more kids so that we get back on the bus route)

This year we seem to be forgotten as far as being plowed out. It appears the norm is about 4 days to get the subdivision roads plowed.
The snow blower got a good workout and our 400 foot driveway is cleared.

I keep looking at all these blogs where calves, lambs and goats are all being hatched, along with daffodils and other non-edible plants and I kind of turn green with envy, probably the only green thing around here for another 6 weeks.

Sorry about the photos. The guess and shoot must have been a little off today. After 3 hours on the snow blower getting the driveway, parking spots, corral and assorted paths and decks shovelled, I am not planning on going out again. well, I guess that i have to at some point to check for late eggs. The girls were not happy as they were confined to the coop today.

This weather is forecast to continue for another 3 to 4 days so I will probably be playing with the blower again. Unfortunately, it has set my horse riding back by a week.

Oh well, if you don't like the weather in Alberta, wait for 15 minutes.

It's something like the old expression " Smile it could get worse!" So I did, and it did.

To all you folks cutting lawns and picking posies.... thrrrrrp
( Just kidding!)

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texwisgirl said...

Yup, I'm one of those of whom you speak! SORRY!!! Your poor horses, and dogs, and chickens, and snow blower! :)

Loved your plan to speak to the neighbors to procreate... Ha!

luckybunny said...

Don't worry we got a little snow to remind us we are not completely in the clear yet! :) Not as much as you mind you, but I don't want you to feel alone! :)

Jane said...

My hubby cut our lawn sat, I will be glad when everyone has sunshine and grass,and flowers in bloom!Blessings jane

Farmchick said...

Oh dear....So sorry to see the snow!

Karen said...

Sorry about the extra snow. But your pictures continue to be lovely with the snow. :)

peihome said...

Oh Ian, and I thought we had it bad here! Guess we won't be moving to Alberta any time soon!
What amazes me is how much there is still left on the ground! Ours is almost gone, barring the areas where it deeply drifted, or is shady.
Here's to sunny skies and nice, warm rain to wash it all your snow away!

Cathy M. said...

I pray you will be refreshed by the Almighty God. May a hot hearty meal and some good rest restore you for the final throes of your long, cold, wet winter. Think of how wonderful it will be to smell that first aroma of spring... it always arrives before the visual clues.

The Old Geezer ~Ron said...

Springtime! I hope it gets above freezing by summer.

Chai Chai said...

We are in the same boat here. I see people in Ohio, Maryland, and even Nova Scotia who have grass and other greens sprouting. I am envious of their good weather.

Julia said...

Hi Ian,

You may be getting colder weather in your micro climate but we're getting more water...change in jet stream. BUT worse is that is is raining on emperor penguin chicks in the Antarctic and it is killing them. They can handle the cold freezing weather but not the rain. Then the polar bears are starving due to the lack of seals since they are moving from their normal locations. I can't even watch the documentaries it makes me so sad.

However, I can see you are surviving the weather up there and will persevere! Bye for now...

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Man, all I can say is ...burrrrr

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Ian,
I am back again writing my encouraging words for you. I am a Christian caring lady with a big heart for the ones in need. I let you know that I am praying for all of you, for a better weather to come soon on your way. Please, Ian and all of you, keep warm. Take good care of your dear animals as well. They all need to survive in God's world too. I see Boots home empty with the snow. Is Boots still doing OK? I wonder. Will you, please, post new pics of Boots back again, Ian?? I hope it is not much to ask. I follow your amazing blog. You are an amazing person, Ian. If you need any help, please, don't hesitate to ask for it!! I'll keep on praying for all of you.
God may bless you all and keep you all safe!!
Starry Dawn.