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August 17, 2010

8 More Weeks to Go!

This is one of our 8 Gold laced Wyandottes that we hope will start laying within 8 weeks, unless it's a male. It's still too soon to tell which sex they are. I think that this one may be a male due to the development of more colour on its neck.
The Leghorns and Red Sussex Cross are growing like weeds. The males here are starting to crow, sort of. They sound like a bunch of those annoying vuvuzelas from Africa. If they follow the pattern, these guys should be laying in another 4 weeks.

Elaine was counting eggs produced from the 10 Rhode Island Reds over the last year, and the count is now over 1900 eggs.
The turkeys are showing the most growth and are getting really big! Their snoods are just starting to elongate, and the necks are getting a permanent red in cclour.

These critters are going through about 6 pails of food a day, so there have been quite a few trips to the feed dealer, plus quite a few dollars spent. UFA staff seem to smile when I walk into the store.

We did pick up a new (on sale) very large upright freezer to put the garden produce in and offload the 22 ft3 chest freezer.

Fall must be coming as the potatoes are starting to die back, the peas are coming to the end. There should be about another 20 meals for 2 to go into the freezer.

So far there are also 30 pounds of raspberries frozen. Now if I could find out what to do with leaf lettuce, life would be good. I guess it will end up as chicken/turkey food. A guy can only eat so much salad!

It looks like by adding a lot of bone meal to the garden, we will be getting a good crop of carrots, beets, and khol rabi.

So far, it has been a very good garden year on the Acreage!
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