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August 12, 2010

Finally it's Raining!

We woke up to a nice downpour. The wooden decking was all wet so, no painting for at least today and probably tomorrow!
So far the deck and railings have soaked up 8 gallons of stain with probably 2 more to go. My back can use the rest!

So, what do you do on an acreage when it's too wet to ride, too wet to cut the lawn, too wet to clean out the chicken coop?

Rest, rest and more rest! Well, I did clean out the garage which is still resting. Oh yeah, drink coffee and read.

While doing that, I can sit and watch the hay field grow.

I like rain!
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peihome said...

Enjoy your day!


Send some of that rain down here to So. Cal. We need it bad! Our foothills are dry as a bone and the potential for some very destructive fires is very real. :(

Gregg said...

We could use some rain also. Since I have 1 acre and over half of that is "pasture" I like sometimes to sit on the back porch and what my "hay" really field grass grow also.

God has given us wonderful neighbors, in particuar one, Marv, who took it upon himself twice a year to cut the pasture down since I don't have the capability and now with my arthritis rendering me unable to walk much, and after seeing my wife try to mow the grass, he cuts our grass once a week for us.

Rest your back, you only have one. Get a good Jerry Bridges or Arthur Pink or John MacArthur book and enjoy some porch reading.

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Maybe that's just what the Lord wanted you to do. :) Have a good weekend.