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August 19, 2010

Job Loss = Grudge? Or?

When you lose a job, it can be devastating as a lot of you know. I lost my first job after 22 years with a company. I had worked my way up to middle management, was happy with the work and was thinking that I would probably retire from the company someday. My family was third generation in the area, and my Dad had put in 25 + years with the same company. Management changed and I found myself disagreeing with the path that the new guy was taking, based on a sound, scientific basis. Needless to say, I should have seen the writing on the wall! I worked for a year in a very high stress level and finally the axe fell. I was devastated! I was #16 of 24 management people that either quit or were fired in that year.

I was able to settle for a constructive dismissal as I had kept every performance review ever done, including a commendation from the president of the company. What really hurt was the reaction of the people that I had worked with for all those years. It was as if I no longer existed. I was, in effect dead!

For many years I hated that man and a few of my co-workers. I guess it was a pride issue.

When I became a Christian about five years ago, one of the things I had the most problems with was the issue of forgiveness. We, as Christians, are commanded to forgive! After much thought and contemplation, I started to look beyond the pride issue and look at the positive side of what the act of forgiveness meant to me.

If I had not moved from the comfortable life that I was leading in a very secure job, I likely would have continued what I was doing which overall was fairly meaningless, although great at the time.

The move took me right out of my comfort zone and challenged me in a whole bunch of ways. I developed expertise in whole new fields that I would not have considered previously. It allowed the family and me to meet some really nice people right across Canada, but most important, the circumstances led me to the Church and a close relationship with my Saviour Jesus Christ.

They say that hindsight is a great virtue, and never wrong. With what I know now and have learned since, I should have thanked that man, not hated him. The Bible says that the Lord will give us tribulations or troubles in our life, but nothing that we can’t handle in order to make us grow in the Spirit. In my case, it lead to a long route to finding the Lord.

Had this not happened, I would not have witnessed Elaine’s miraculous cure; would not have experienced God’s hand in saving me when the tractor rolled; would not have experienced God’s healing of my back and would not have been at peace the way I have been for the last 5 years.

All I can say is “God is Great!”

What about you and your loss of job security? Was it a learning experience? A growing experience? Or are you still bearing the anger and hate that I experienced?

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