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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

July 7, 2010

Almost Silent Wednesday

Our young grand daughter is getting along real well on Elaine's horse, Boom. Elaine is now thinking of progressing to Biz, a little more spirited horse.

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AJ, our oldest grandson is doing exceptionally well and will soon be ready for some trail riding after a few more sessions in the paddock, and then our open field.

These were discovered in the juniper tree next to our hot tub by watching mom and pop sneak into the tree. I will have to dig out the bird book to try to figure out who they are. There are actually 4 in the nest.
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Melodie said...

The smile on your grand daughters face says it all!

The Old Geezer said...

Ian, you have a couple of great looking grandchildren.

I want to venture a guess on what kind of birds are in the nest. I think they might be buzzards or maybe wild turkeys.Of course you know, California city slickers aren't very good bird watchers. One last guess...maybe they're baby Ostriches???

Gregg said...

As usual you have some great photos. The kids are blessed! One of my daughters the other day was reminicing about our time in Cedarville, CA where we had the Modoc National Forest as our backyard and we had pasutre and corrals where she had her own horse. She lamented the fact that she missed her horse and the ability to ride into the mountains or town at will.

The family of little birds! How cool! Hope you find out what they are, I am curious.

As far as that project, I am looking through some old stored files and will hopefully find somethings that you might look over.

Karen said...

I know they love those horses, and looks like so much fun. Wow, you got real close to those birds. Let us know what they are.