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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

July 8, 2010

Second Day Out

Now at 5 weeks, the chicks and turks are getting some fresh air. Surprisingly, eight of the 11 turkeys came out and had a great time running and flop-flying ( no, you cannot fly through wire mesh). The chickens were much more reserved with only about 10 out of the 49 coming out.
There was a lot of posturing and chest to chest "battles" between male birds. Elaine and i actually grabbed a couple of lawn chairs and sat in the new hay shelter for about an hour watching the antics.

It was miserably hot today, with the temp at 28C and high humidity. Fortunately, I got the orchard grass cut before it got too bad. Elaine and I got the weeding done in the veggie gardens.

It was hot, but Elaine got her first hour ride on Biz today. It took a fair bit of groundwork before Biz would accept her as a leader, but she did. We kept in the small paddock and will likely spend another couple of hours there before going into the pasture. Biz is considerably taller than Boom, and much more spirited. We found that one of the problems was using Boom's bridle on Biz. The snaffle bit was a lot thinner, and Biz did not like it at all. A change to "her" bridle fixed things up. Elaine did very well, and familiarization will continue over the next few days. We have a week to get ready for the return of the grandkids from Bible camp.
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