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June 4, 2010

The New Additions

The chicks and poults all arrived on time and on schedule thanks to Canada Post. I was first into the UFA store in Mayerthorpe to pick them up.

All arrived healthy and talkative. I was serenaded for 45 minutes on the way home. Peep, peep. etc. etc.

The first task was to take them one by one and dip their beaks into the water tray. Elaine made it home in time to do the last 10. They caught on real fast and drank and drank and... then they found the food pan. They ate and ate and are still eating!

It's hard to believe that 62 birds can fit into a box about twice the size of a shoe box and survive. When I opened the lid, all these little beady eyes were staring up at me.

I can tell the turkeys by the nubbin snood. The white leghorns and the Sussex Cross chicks are hard to distinguish apart. The dark brown ones are probably the Sussex Cross.

The temperature in the pen is 90F and will be walked down over the next 4 weeks to 70F.

It's amazing how they have the instinct to drink and eat.

They don't walk, they scoot.
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