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June 3, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day!

At 08:00 early, I will be in Mayerthorpe picking up this years flock of baby chicks and turkeys.

The brooding house is ready, with insulation, power, heat lamps, barricade and shavings. The temperature is right on 90F. We are ready!

After a year of watching these grow up, and mature, we tend to forget just how small and wonderful these critters can be! The 10 hens plus one rooster ( ROO, of course) kept us entertained and supplied us with 8 eggs per day all winter.

At present, the surplus eggs are being sold to offset the cost of feed. Labour is free, of course. We also give eggs to people that appear to be in need. Most recipients insist on paying, and once in the chain they are hooked, saying that they could never go back to store bought eggs again! Me to!

I have a heritage breed also coming, but the supplier is new, and having difficulties. Hopefully, there won't be too much of a discrepency in time or I will have difficulty integrating them.
The late arrivals will be 6 Gold Laced Wyandotts.

I shouldn't have to count on Roo for an alarm call in the morning. Fortunately, UFA in Mayerthorpe is only 45 minutes away. The priority will be to get these little gaffers home, dip their beaks in the water trough and see how they settle in.

Friday is going to be a GOOD day!
Oh yeah, lots of pictures is also a priority!
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Kim said...

Good luck with your new arrivals! I, too, marvel at the newly hatched chicks as they emerge from our incubator.
We have turkeys on order this year, but would like one day to have heritage birds to breed from. One day ...

Gregg said...

Can't wait to see the photos. So neat you excited over chickens! May God be with you.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful! I can feel your excitement.......I always feel that way bringing home baby chicks! Someone once told me that turkeys are hard to that true? I know what you mean about fresh eggs. Since I have started working at the boss has told everyone about my chickens and now I am selling eggs to customers there. Can't wait to see more pictures of your brood! blessings,Kathleen


Ian, This sounds interesting but I'm not sure if I understand a lot of the things you are talking about. I guess I just don't speak and understand turkey talk very well?? But I do know how to look at pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you post on a future blog. Ron