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April 1, 2010

A New Month

April the First was a rather quiet day on the Acreage. With the yard, but not the fields now clear of snow, the fun job of raking leaves began (the armstrong method). I got about a third done with 25 wheelbarrow loads off to the compost and burn pile.
My peerless helper kept grabbing his favourite sticks as I tried to dispose of them. He was not impressed!

I guess that I am about 1/3 done at this point. It was a great day as some of the summer birds are now starting to return. There were lots of geese going over. The crows are back, but still no robins. It will be the beginning of June before we see swallows again. I will have to add "clean out the birdhouses" to my "to do list" Oh, well, lots of time for that.

It did start to feel good getting out and raking again, even though we had a couple of snow squalls blow through. If you don't like the weather here, wait 15 minutes!

The chickens are glad to get out on bare ground again, but are also happy to migrate back in when the temperature gets below freezing. We managed to winter over 10 hens and one rooster and averaged 8 eggs per day. Not bad for first time chicken farmers!  I guess I can't say that anymore as the newbies are on order.
Raking leaves in a snow squall is maybe rushing the season a little, maybe.

Anybody else getting the urge to get outdoors, rake, clean and grow things? Or is it just me rushing the season?

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