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March 31, 2010

Tarnishing Us All

This was a letter to the editor that I found some time ago in the Winnipeg Sun

Much is said and has been said about prejudice, intolerance and discrimination against others for simply belonging to a certain identifiable group.

I am a member of the smallest visible minority in Winnipeg. Most of my people are university educated and we are all gainfully employed. Less than 0.1% of us have ever been accused of, or convicted, of a criminal offense. Many of us have sacrificed our weekends, holidays and turned away from more profitable opportunities elsewhere to serve others, even those that despise us, for the betterment of the community. And, like all human beings, we too, are imperfect and fallible. Some of my people have been shot and stabbed for the way we look. Many of us have been beaten and spit upon because of our appearance. Many people call us criminals and gangsters because of the clothes that we wear and the cars we drive.

When people (including the media) speak of, the real or perceived misconduct of one of ours, they often refer to us as “they” or “those people”, as if to blame my brothers and sisters for the actions of a few. Their broad brushstroke seeks to tarnish us all. Yet despite the wounds we suffer, we often choose to turn the other cheek, with quiet dignity and self-respect. We soldier on with great pride and honour, while helping to cleanse the wounds of our enemies, despite their hatred and trespasses against us and others. But sometimes, we fight back, most times without much choice, but always with restraint and self-discipline. When we do, people call us murderers. If we had chosen to walk away, they would have called us cowards. And then they all believe that we can do it better, having never walked a single step in our boots.
I am a member of the smallest visible minority group in Winnipeg. I am a police officer.
Miguel Carvalho

Editor’s comment “Very eloquent. You hit the nail on the head. We thank all of you.”

This was an amazing comment from a Sun editor! Normally, they are flippant and sarcastic.

When was the last time that you have said "Thank you" to the boys in blue, or bought them a coffee?
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