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March 26, 2010

Ugandan Children's Choir

We had the opportunity to watch this choir perform again last night (their third visit to Whitecourt) and our third viewing. Elaine spent several weeks in Uganda in a remote village, and the experience changed her thinking forever.

In Africa, there are 17 million children orphaned by war and aids. This group sets up residences to give some of the children a chance at having a home and a "normal" life. The choir tours to raise money to support this effort, and is well worth it to see them perform, and hear their testimonies. I highly recommend them to you, should they come to your area!

As an aside, my son had three of the children plus a leader stay over night at his house. We went over for breakfast and ended up out on the street in a snow storm, with 2 nets and hockey sticks playing road hockey.

This was a new experience for them! Snow and hockey, what we Canadians take for granted turned out to be a fun time for all. Apparently, my grand daughter was impressed how grandpa could play hockey! I have to saviour the moment as soon she will be of an age where not much will impress her. Fun and games and laughter! A good start to the day! This group is on it's way through Canada, ending up in Quebec. Quite an experience for these children! Hopefully, they will remember the "crazy canucks" and road hockey!
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Gregg said...

Good for you. What a heart breaking thing sin is and what it does in the lives of people. Seventeen million orphaned - almost inconceivable, breaks my heart.

Good job Grandpa!

joyce said...

Hi Ian, I noticed that you had signed up as a reader on my blog, thought I'd check you out. How coincidental, we had that choir in our town last week.....I didn't go, although I would have like to. Just no time. (At least I think it was the same any rate, it was a children's choir from that part of the world, dressed in colourful costumes.
Enjoy your weekend!

Melodie said...

I have never seen the choir but have heard about it.It is remarkable and those children, what they have overcome is amazing.


Brother Ian,
Someday before we are both to old to play street hockey I''ll make a trip to Canada and we''ll have a match. Even if it's wheelchair hockey I bet I can give you a run for your money.
I think my nose just grew 2 inches when I said that!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Yes they are great! We have had them at our church before. My mom goes to Africa every year, always starts out in Uganda and then travels to the villages from there. We sponsor children in that area, it's amazing what our $25 a month will provide these kids!

Pleasant Prairie said...

Hi, how wonderful. Playing hockey and visiting with you is something that they will remember from now on. You asked on my blog, what kind of job I have taken? I am now the cook at a very small diner in a extremely small town. It is like a 50's diner and about 30 miles from any town, as I am, and mostly farmers, ranchers, oilmen, and truckers come in for a bite to eat and then rush back to work. It's extremely hetic between noon and 1:30, but I love it.They called me in this week, instead of waiting till next Monday. I trained on Thursday, and cooked all the breakfast's and lunches yesterday, by myself, and managed to get everyone fed on time and back to their work. My boss seems to be happy with me..... I might just be able to purchase me that tractor yet! Anyhow, I will post about it..........when I have time. {: Have a great weekend, blessings,Kathleen

Gregg said...

Now the hard part! How do you chose seven fellow bloggers out of all those who have been a blessing to me! So, I have decided to nominate and award the following seven bloggers with The Beautiful Blog Award.

4. Ian at Life on Acreage - great homespun writing from a true gentleman

manker said...

how awesome that you have provided this mitzvah :)

thanks for your comment and "thanks".. you've helped me in my walk with G-d more than you know