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March 24, 2010

The Big 100!

Well, here I am at the milestone of having now posted 100 blog posts! I started this out on 10/15/09 with the goal of exchanging information with like minded acreage owners with a view to encouraging a return to "the simple life"

The rough breakdown shows 29% of the articles were on the acreage; 15% on chickens; 15% on horses; 20% on musings; and 9% on Christianity.

During the last 5 months I have "met" a lot of very interesting and informative people from around the world. It has been a great experience! Thank you to all!

Now that I have reached the crossroad and milestone, I am at a circular dilemma. Do I continue as before? Do I specialise in the acreage and one or two other topics? Or?

I have been stewing over this for the last day or two, and realized that I could use some input from my friends out there in Blogland.

What say you?
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Melodie said...

Living the way we do,I don't think you can stick to just one subject! Our homesteading lives are to varied! Your blog is great the way it is!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I love your blog just how it is!!!

Gregg said...

I enjoy your blog each time I come here. I hope, first of all that you continue to post regularly. Second, I would revisit your goal, vision, or purpose for creating your blog in the first place.

Doing so, will give you a chance to see, first, was that a worthwhile goal? Are you living up to that goal? Did you accomplish that which you set out to do?

Secondly, revisiting that original goal for your blog allows you to determine if that goal was first correct, second, broad enough or to limiting, and third, is it time to readjust?

You can broaden the scope of your blog at any time. Many things happen or take place on Life on Acreage!

Your dream on acreage, think on acreage, work on acreage, plan on acreage, and visualize on acreage, therefore your blog can really be about anything becasue anything that relates to what you think about takes place on your beloved acreage.

So, having said that go for it. Broaden your talents, gifts, horizons, thoughts, and share many varied topics that have come to you as you live your life on acreage!

Excited to see what God will do through you as you re-evaluate the next steps.

P. S. - Thanks for your comments today. It is hard for some to think of God in the OT as being a loving God. God never changes, He is the same at all times. He is just as loving in the OT as He is in the NT.

God owes none of us anything. In His sovereignty, self-sufficiency, He is fully self-contained and does not need us nor gains anything from us.

Yet, He in His fully free sovereignty chose to call out a nation and love them and shower his blessing on them even though that was to the exclusion of others. God graced His people. God must exercise all of His character and nature - including His hatred of sin and wickedness. God has condemned all of the human race as being in Adam when Adam sinned and we deserve nothing. God owes us nothing. He is not a debtor. He chose to bestow grace on His chosen nation, they rebelled, and after a point He rejected them. But not with a promise of a new covenant that He will one day make as a reality in their hearts. Jere 31 & Ezekel 36. Unbelievably fortunate for us today, God operates that New Covenant in our hearts and takes out the stony wicked sinful heart and gives us a heart to know him and to love HIm.

God was very loving in the OT by revealing Himself, blessing His people and by showing us His hatred of sin by destroying people who deserved destroying (just like us). God didn't owe them anything nor does he owe us anything. But how unfathomable that He first loved us who were His enemies, and chose us to be recipients of His salvation by grace and that He plans on lavishing His grace on us for all of eternity.

Gregg said...

By the way, I love your quote about goint to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than going to a garage...

I always say, going to church will no more make you a Christian than sitting in the garage all night will make you a Buick.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Congrats on hitting the 100 mark! It has been a pleasure to read your posts!! I agree with Melodie here, living this type of life you'll always have different things to post about!

Ruralrose said...

I love your blog Ian, because I never know what the topic of conversation will be for the day - i really enjoy your true life stories. Why do we blog? I am not sure but I think it is to show people how wonderful this lifestyle is. Can't wait for more, peace

Kim said...

Keep writing as you have been, Ian! It's all interesting and good! I've only just started blogging and already I'm thinking, "Whoa, way too much on the animals, Kim!"
Ah well.

Texan said...

Don't fix whats not broke?

manker said...

you asked.. what say you? Keeping it pithy here :).. trot on friend.. trot on as is