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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

March 28, 2010

Our Visitors are Back!

It was a surprise to look out the window and see this cow/calf combo standing on our fenceline. Normally they have moved off by now. Of course, the horses were going crazy, but our peerless defender of the herd, Boots, was quite oblivious to the whole scenario.

I will watch the horses! I will watch the horses! No matter what!

The photos were taken from the back deck, and the moose did not seem at all bothered by the dog, horses, or me. They just wandered along eating the poplar and willow branches.

Why horses get so bothered by moose is beyond me. Moose are definitely grazing animals, albiet tree grazers. They are the same size as a horse, but don't quite look like a horse.

When we are trail riding, it is nice to have a dog along and someone to have a conversation with. That tends to keep the moose away. One of my worst fear scenarios is to be riding around a corner and come face to face with a moose. You really don't want to be aboard when the horse sees the moose! It's something like a horse meeting bear! Bye Bye rider!

The closest I have come to a bad spill was the corner scenario when a Mule deer jumped out of the bush, and my big mare decided to spin and head back up the hill on a narrow trail. I was able to rein her head in and spin her until she gave up.

Horses! so big, and so chicken!

But still fun!

I still say God has a humourous side when He made the moose!

I like all the cute goat, sheep and puppy pictures that people are showing, but really, who could love a moose, except another moose!

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Gregg said...

On a wonderful and memorable week's stay at Yellowstone, I was driving my Silverado across Fishing Bridge. Fortuantely I was going very slow because of traffic, when my wife suddenly "bailed out" the passenger door (from a moving truck) and ran down the bank to the river. After I recovered from my shock (never seen my 4'11" 105 lbs petite wife bail from a moving truck and hit the ground running) I discoverd she had seen a beautiful male moose with a huge rack (or whatever) of antlers drinking from the stream and she wanted a picture.

She got some great shots. I think they are magnificent creatures.

You live in a wonderful place and I would love to see all that you see, but like I said in an earlier post if I didn't have Eb from Green Acres to do all the "work" I still would pick the city. You are truly blessed!

Melodie said...

Those creatures are truly amazing! We always say that weenie dogs are God's joke dogs! They look like they were made of leftover parts,who could look at one on not smile a little!

Melodie said...

Oh yeah,I still think all you need to do is find someone with baby goats so Elaine can hold one,she will be hooked!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I want a Moose. I don't want to freak my horses out but gosh. I want Moosies to come around. Awesome!