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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

March 21, 2010

Turf Wars

As the snow starts to disappear , things from last year start to show up again. The male of each species has its own way to mark his territory. The dog, wolf and other canines tend to spray specific trees, saying "Mine, keep out!" The bear will scratch a tree as high as he can reach saying" If you can't scratch higher than this, you are in big trouble!" The cougar will scratch a tree and spray saying" If I catch you here, you are dead meat!" or "Fight's on!"

The horse will stretch out it's neck and bare it's teeth and paw the ground, saying "back off! You are asking for trouble!"

Bulls, well they really don't have to say anything. Most trespassers just run.

The sign is a much more civilized way to stake out your turf. This one was imported from B.C (Bring Cash) by two of my grandchildren, AJ and Camryn, who already know not to mess with Grandpa.

I particularly like the "park at your own risk" as it leaves me plenty of options on how to deal with an invasion of my territory. Besides the sign is more socially acceptable than some of the previous methods of staking out territory!

Now and again, I will let Elaine park there, but not for long! Besides she staked out half the garage to pamper her car all winter. No frost, no scraping of windshields is permitted. To each, their own, I guess, maybe.

Are any of you allowed to stake out your turf?
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