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March 19, 2010

Spring... Finally!

Here we go with the grand view of the garden ( complete with raised beds). It will be a while before we can even work the soil, let alone plant anything. I envy all you southern folk that are digging, planting, and yes, already eating garden fresh produce.The snow is now about 75% gone, and we had one of the smallest snowfalls ever. All us farming type folks are starting to worry about lack of moisure this year.

Normally we get a lot of precip. in April and May, quite often in the form of snow, so we could still be OK.

This is the in-between time of the year, basically warm enough for riding, but it's too icy. I saw my big mare take a fall the other day. Glad I wasn't on board!

In the meantime, Iam still clearing brush, popping roots and making a humungous burn pile for next winter. If we get a good snowfall before April 30 when the fire ban goes into effect, I might get a chance to light her off! It should make a flame 20 to 30 feet high, as what I am thinning is standing dry, dead stuff.

The plant date for us is June 15, although we might get some greenhouse stuff started mid May. The stuff started then will likely be flowers. Why, I don't know as you can't eat flowers! I will probably sneak some cucumbers, peppers etc in there somewhere. I hope Elaine doesn't read this or I will likely be in BIG trouble, as she is the flower person in the family.

In the meantime, The Old Geezer and all you southern folk that are laughing at the late start, I can hear you from here! God rewards those that have patience!
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Melodie said...

Yes we are all a flutter down here with spring fever...but come July and August we may all be planning a trip to come visit you to escape the heat! How's that guest house coming along,lol!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I YI YI.... Yi... I yi yi YI...


Were I live in Southern California, God has blessed us with a year around Spring and Summer. It was about 80 today and I planted some flowers in a hanging planter for Mrs. Geezer.

Until I met Ian through our blogs, I new little or nothing about Canada. Most of the weather related stories and photos you share are a little terrifying to this warm blooded Old Geezer. Your blog and friendship has been one of my high points since I've started blogging. It's been a great learning experience for me.

I wonder what the weather will be like in heaven?
An eternal 72 degrees I hope.

IanH said...

Here is a translation from a certain person (unnamed) for those ous that don't speak spanish or Texan or sometimes English. Thanks, libby

Hahhaha, thats Texan... or maybe it is Spanish... You know I Yi Yi... ohhhh I can't even explain it... eye yie yie (rhymes with pie but yie)..... all that snow.... I am just looking at all that snow and thinking I yie yie !!!!

Gregg said...

I thought our spring was long in coming! We finally have strung a couple of days together with no rain and in the mid 60s. It has been a cold wet winter. But this year we had snow flurries one day and nothing stuck at all this year.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Well I'm not gloating to much here in KS as we had fresh snow fall for our first day of Spring LOL!! I don't know how you do that up there!! I'm glad your mare was okay and that you weren't on her as well!

Julia said...

Oh to think of no gardening until JUNE. I was just lamenting that I should have seeds in the ground right now and that I am lazy...

Kim said...

Hi Ian!
We, too, have a last frost date of June 15, which is pretty sad. This last winter though, like yours, has been especially good to us. Looks like you still had a lot of snow, though! Ours is pretty much gone, yay!
Glad you read my 'history', lol. Check out the slide-show of our trip in a semi from BC to PEI (if you haven't already). It's under the Media tab.