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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

March 23, 2010

The Pyromaniac Strikes!

Yesterday was a kind of quiet day with just enough snow fall to allow a safe light off. I figured the burning was pretty much done for the year, but now I don't have to look at this big pile of brush all summer. I still have a couple of more of these to go, but they are not in such a well travelled area.

The horses have now been banished from this field as the grass is starting to go green (under the snow) and the little devils have been nibbling and pulling some root up.

I guess that now that the brunt of the work is done, other than seeding some pasture and planting the garden, thinning the raspberries etc, I will probably go into "bored mode" and have to start looking for a part time job! Elaine says that when I get bored, I start spending money!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I have to add an 8X8 brooder room off the side of the chicken coop before June 4. That's the day that 25 white leghorns, 25 Red Sussex cross, and 12 Turkeys arrive via Canada Post, plus 6 silver edged Wyandotte via pick up in Barrhead.

Oh, Life on an Acreage. Lots of work to do!

This year I also plan to expand the raspberry patch again, on the cheap. I found that by digging up the suckers that sneak out into the grass, I can expand a lot for free. The 50 plants that I did last year would have cost about $50 from the nursery. Most of them even produced some berries, and more suckers. We had pretty close to 100 pounds of berries in the freezer, and still have about 30 pounds left. Raspberries are good! And don't require much work! The perfect plant!
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