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March 15, 2010

Some of my Best Friends Are...

Posted by Picasa                                             DENTISTS!
These are great people socially, and we have had many good times over the years, but... When the old molar starts aching and the prognosis is that the tooth is history, I'm actually not too keen on them professionally. I have been living on ibuprofin for the last few days, and today was the day of decision! Out it comes! I am planning a nice restful night with an 8:00 am appointment.

I have long memories of the old family dentist. he was not a believer in freezing nerves before extraction. I had  too small a jaw for my permanent teeth, so ended up with 8 teeth being pulled at one time with no freezing. I can still feel the pain 60 years later!

Fortunately ( so I am told), things have  improved over the years. Now if I can just convince my brain that this is truly so by 8:00 am, things will be fine!

The good Lord did a very good job of designing the human body, with one exception (again, in my opinion), who am I to question? That one flaw is why do the tooth nerves have to be three feet long and thick as my wrist? That is how I remember my last  episode.

Any of you been traumatised by the dental profession?



Actually I do pretty good at the dentist.
It's that mean old scary doctor that I have a big problem with!

Melodie said...

OHG,I do not trust dentist.! As a young adult I went to the dentist with tooth pain and he said I had very good teeth and that I had a sensitivity problem,as a child i went to the dentist with the same problem and he filled the spots! I have never had a cavity nor has my sister or my son for that matter, we have good teeth,I really think that dentist was just after some money! I know it is silly to group all dentist together..but you know how silly we humans are is our delusions,lol!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

WOAH Ian, no way!!!! 8 teeth pulled without numbing or freezing??? I would of passed out cold and never ever ever gone back to a dentist ever...I can so understand your horror and trepidation to go back. Good gravy thats horrible!!! I think you will be blissfully and happily surprised that you will be numb and won't even realize what happened until later and by then you will be supplied with pain killers and can sleep like a little baby till its all better.
:-) Good luck!

Gregg said...

More than once I have been told, this will take a minute and you won't feel a thing...right!

I know dentists are necessary and might even be a gift from God to us, but ouch! Good luck on your visit.

Kim said...

I don't mind needles or a little discomfort but I HATE the side-effects of the anesthetic!
Enough to terrorize me into not going until forced.
The first time he was only half-way through freezing me when I launched from the chair and bolted from the clinic, hahaha.
Next time, he said, "I'll just freeze you and you can go home and see how you feel."
Finally, I had all my much-needed work done. He was the best dentist.
By the way, this happened only two years ago, lol.

Texan said...

oh sorry I am with Melodie I don't trust them and I only got surface filling my first at 40 something years of age! Which I might add I regret now! I nearly have a panic attack just going in for a cleaning... ugggggg

Good luck to you...