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2. Things that don't move

March 29, 2010

A Beautiful Blog Award

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Gregg at "Gospel Driven Disciples" has been gracious enough to nominate me for this award. Why? I don’t know. I am just having fun relating to an acreage and other things that intrigue me. I consider this quite an honour as I don’t get many awards.

Now, I’m supposed to acknowledge the giver (see above) then tell 7 things that people don’t know about me and then nominate 7other blogs that I consider worthy of an award,

1. I was married to Elaine in Cardiff, Wales in 1971.

2. I have downhill skied for over 50 years. Once , for 3 days in Jackson Hole Wyoming with the Chilean Junior team (unofficially)

3. I started work as a tourist guide in a fly in camp at the age of 13.

4. My favourite colour is plaid

5. I was born again on June 15,2005

6. I worked my way up in the pulp and paper industry from Jr. Chemist to Groundwood superintendent, to Pulp Production Manager to Relief paper Mill Manager toTechnical Director in 4 different companies.

7. I am actually quite shy and hate public speaking.

The difficult part is how to nominate 7 blogs for this award! I am currently following about 30 blogs, and all are outstanding in their own right. To narrow it down is tough.

1. Stan at “According to the Book” He is the guy that is willing to step out and show you his beliefs!

2. Dagmar at “Barefoot from Heaven”  She is photographer excellance, poet and dreamer

3. Jenna at Cold antler farm” She is the spicy gal that loves the country life and spinning a tale.

4. Texan  A gal with a heart as big as the State. (You can tell!)

5. Laura’s Blog. Laura is the story of courage, faith and perseverance. A role model for many!

6. My Life on Earth.  Libby is well “what you see is what you get”, a person with her heart on her sleeve!

7. Musings from Montana. This is a horse lady that I think is growing to belong. Fun to read!

This was the tougher thing that I had to do this week. The numbers should all be #1 in my book!
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