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June 3, 2015

The Garden and Project!

This is a view of the garden that you won't see often. Every thing that we planted has come up and is growing well.

 The reason to be on the roof is a re-roofing job due to the previous owner doing a crumby job. The add on was a flat roof that did not drain causing cracking of the shingles, but no water leaks so far.
 I built the rafters in one day and installed them the second. They will be covered with metal and are guaranteed for 40 years, which might be one or two years longer than I need.
The rest of the roof is more straight forward and won't take long to do. Every body is telling me that I am too old to be climbing around on roofs. That is a negative thought which I am ignoring!
What sort of jobs do you have lined up for the summer?


TexWisGirl said...

you're so smart and very handy, mr. ian!

peihome said...

A very nice backyard! As for climbing around on the roof... be careful!!!

Gail said...

When you finish there...

A great job and your garden looks great.

Jackie said...

Only just managed to get my bedding plants ( annuals) out today. June 1st was more like November.
Certainly not cricket weather.