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March 14, 2015

This is Something to watch out for, besides an out of control government!

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March 14, 2015 

Angry Parents Demand Answers from Scarborough Pols on Sex-Ed

Dear Ian,

She works 11-hour days but Mel Woo is so incensed over Ontario's new sex-education proposal that she came out to protest at an info session at Scarborough's Agincourt Collegiate on March 12


Hundreds of parents demonstrated along with her to air grievances with the newly proposed sex-ed curriculum and to tell the province "Don't mess with our kids."    


A large crowd protested outside before the meeting shouting "We say 'No'! We say 'No'!" One mother said her young child had learned some sexual content in school without her consent and he became withdrawn and difficult for months until she was finally able to coax the story out of him. She hopes to spare other parents her agonizing experience.     


Inside parents were only allowed to submit written questions for the speakers to answer, which frustrated parents whose questions were not being addressed. Residents eventually lost patience and started to shout out to be heard.   


MPP Bas Balkissoon, Scarborough-Rouge River, and MPP Soo Wong, Scarborough-Agincourt, both 

Liberals, hosted the session along with a representative from the Ministry of Education and a public health nurse. Shaun Chen, TDSB Trustee, Ward 21 did not make an appearance.


Balkisoon told the crowd curtly that if they didn't stop interrupting he would end the meeting, saying, "I dictate how this meeting is conducted, not you!" People yelled back "this is not a dictatorship!" - implying that this curriculum is being shoved down the throats of the people and that the government is taking a dictatorial stand.  


PAFE congratulates all the parents who attended this meeting, and Woo's group, the Parents Alliance of Ontario, which took a leading role in notifying parents about the meeting at Agincourt 


In one community after another parents are spontaneously organizing townhall meetings to express their anger over the curriculum's 
Kids and parents say "No!" to sex-ed curriculum at Brampton meeting
harmful contents and press their politicians to take their concerns to Queen's Park. As we reported last week, Brampton-Mississauga parents met with two Liberal MPPs, and about a thousand parents met with Finance Minister Charles Sousa in Mississauga on Feb. 19. Momentum is definitely building as one region after another gets engaged on this issue.


We're sending links to the news stories on the meeting at Agincourt Collegiate so you can get all the details of what these parents said and did that night to try to protect children from the Liberals misguided sex-ed agenda.




After you've had a look at what these parents are doing, we hope you'll be inspired to do two things!


1) Can you help PAFE with a donation to assist parents to organize similar local meetings in their communities?  Your assistance at this crucial time is desperately needed!  Please visit our website to make your donationtodayonline with Paypal or by mail!


2)  Forward this email to your friends who may not have heard about this issue yet. Those of you who are just finding out about the sex-ed curriculum are urged to sign the online PAFE petition a:


 Media Coverage of Agincourt Collegiate Information Session


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Teresa Pierre, PhD, President

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'We say no!': Liberal MPP shuts down Scarborough meeting as hundreds of parents challenge Wynne's sex ed

TORONTO, March 13, 2015 ( -- Angry parents were shut down an hour into an information session on the Wynne government's sex-ed curriculum March 12 at Scarborough's Agincourt Collegiate, while 100 protestors outside the school chanted what has become a common answer to a sex-ed curriculum that introduces sexual consent to underage children: "We say No! We say No!"


Inside, boos and eruptions of "We say No! We say No!" persisted despite attempts by a couple of people to calm the mood, until Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon ended the meeting with a curt statement that at his meeting people would follow his rules, which elicited a final thunderous boo from the crowd of about 200.


Police officers watched impassively as the meeting broke up and dozens of upset attendees surged to the front, surrounding and voicing objections to Toronto public school trustee Manna Wong and Liberal MPP Soo Wong, while Balkissoon, who claimed people with an "agenda" had "hijacked the meeting," vainly tried to clear the room.


"He shut it down," said an angry Jewell McGregor, adding that parents were "provoked by the way it was handled." They had to sign in and sit through preliminary discussions about mundane items, she told LifeSiteNews. "We didn't come here to talk about allergies," she said. "They knew that."


"It was a snow job," said a digusted Konstatine Kolovis, father of two children aged 7 and 9, who left with Nick Christogiannis, a father of two daughters aged 10 and 11, after a heated discussion with trustee Manna Wong. Kolovis said only 200 people were permitted in the auditorium, and participants had to put their questions in a ballot box. But there was no real security, he said: "They didn't scan anybody."


McGregor, who has a 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, said parents were not consulted, and the Liberals survey of parents "didn't mention oral or anal sex, they hid it."


She finds it sinister that adults "want to talk about oral and anal sex to 10 and 11 year olds." Convicted child pornographer Ben Levin was involved in developing the curriculum, McGregor pointed out, adding. "There's a pedophilia spirit behind it."




Toronto District School Board trustee Manna Wong speaks to reporters at an information session on the Wynne government's sex ed program March 12. Lianne Laurence / LifeSiteNews


When a reporter remarked that was a strong statement, McGregor asked how she would feel if someone wanted to teach her 11-year-old daughter about anal sex. The reporter looked startled and after a pause said she didn't have a daughter.  


McGregor said she's not afraid to tell her kids about anal sex, "but when they are ready for that," which is something "a random teacher" wouldn't know. She also objected to the idea of sexual consent: "Telling a 12-year-old to postpone sex," amounts to telling a 12-year-old he or she can have sex, McGregor reasoned, and "it's illegal."


But the Liberals seem "hell bent on introducing" the sex-ed curriculum, she said bitterly.  "It's looking more like a dictatorship."


That was echoed by Mel Woo, a founding member of Parents Alliance of Ontario, organizers of the protest of about 100 people along Midland Avenue which included parents and children from Mississauga to Markham. Woo came to Canada from communist China, only to find "this is a dictating country" and "adults aren't getting information" about what's taught to their children, she told LifeSiteNews.


The mother of an 11-year-old daughter, Woo said her group has gained nearly 1,000 members since the February 23 release of the sex-ed curriculum, which she finds astonishing, particularly because Chinese-Canadians truly are "the silent majority," and seldom get politically involved. In fact, Woo admitted ruefully, many of them don't vote. 

The media portray the vocal parents as "frantic, extremist" and "homophobic," she said, "lots of labels," but they are legitimately upset they weren't consulted and that the Wynne government tried to "sneak all this in." And the shut down by Balkissoon was more of the same: "That's the attitude, 'I dictate to you.'"


Woo said that her community is galvanized and while she is not sure what they will do next, they are promoting an April 14 Queen's Park rally, and will not give up. "I hate politics," and she works 11-hour-days, Woo said, but "I feel really angry about this."

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