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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

February 1, 2015

Update on the Blog

I started this blog on October 15, 2006 mainly as a self-help blog for those trying to make a go of living on  an Acreage.

To some extent this was very successful, but not in the way I expected! I am sure that some of my hair brained ideas were put to use. If so, I am very happy!

I started looking at what the response to my blog was and was extremely surprised. Perhaps I shouldn't be, but none the less, I am.

During the 9 year extent, there were 83,218 page views! I only managed to get about 110 followers, for which I am very thankful. Quite a few have become very good friends, helpful in ideas, supportive in need and  fun people. These followers come from all parts of the world, places i probably will never see in real life. I have posted  835 times, far more than i expected when I first started. Here's to 1000!

When I just starting, the Lord kind of hit me that I should be putting my Testimony out for all to see. He has definitely worked miracles in both our lives. This posting turned out to be the most read and most commented on, of all my blogs. If this post has helped people out there in Blog land get through some difficulties either by example or inspiration, all the work fun is well worth the effort and time.

Here is the breakdown:  TOP 10

1. My testimony  784 views   My Testimony

2. Working Joe VS Welfare Joe 539 Views  Working Joe vs Welfare Joe
     A bit of a satire on our welfare system

3. Gems of Wisdom 449 Views  Gems of Wisdom
    Things I thought were amusing

4.Biz   410 Views   Biz
   The first and only horse I gentled.

5.Tucker 402 Views  Tucker
    My first horse.  American Quarter horse

6.Alpine  394 Views Alpine
    Elaine's second horse. All black Morgan

7.My Head is sore 389 Views  My Head is Sore
   Trying to get my head onto some very tough Christian words.

8.Boots  388 Views Boots
   Our Border Collie that thought he could herd horses.

9.Acreage Wildlife 384 Views Acreage Wildlife
   Shots of critters seen on the Acreage.

10. Brooklyn 356 Views Brooklyn
     Our first adopted dog. Golden retriever.

During the course of the years it was sad to see some spectacular bloggers move on to other things. Too many to list, but each one I followed, I learned from. Anything from horses, to shoeing, to gardening, to raising poultry, to walking the Christian Life To all that departed, I say a warm "Thank you, for making my life so much more interesting"
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