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2. Things that don't move

December 30, 2014

More Feathered Friends

The word got out pretty fast! Fresh Food! Peanuts!

 Within minutes of going back inside they started to arrive. There must be a sentinel someplace near by.
 Today it was -24C  (-11F)  or -35C (-31F) with the wind chill. I guess they were all looking for food.
 The Blue Jays keep coming back, and can sure de-shell peanuts in a hurry!

 Too cold for outside pictures today, but I did go to town to get a protective screen for my camera view screen.


Ela said...

I love these winged friends !
Great shots !
Happy New Year !

TexWisGirl said...

they're grateful for your food in those cold temps!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Ian, I cannot get this kind of wonderful picture at my feeders. I am
thinking of standing downstairs at the basement door (by the patio) and seeing if I can get decent pictures. Happy New Year to you and Elaine, I hope your new year starts off great!

Michelle said...

Nice of you to give them a treat :)

Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow! You have even colder weather than here. Nice shots of the birds. Have a happy New Year!

C-ingspots said...

Well, you managed it quite well, and they are just beautiful, aren't they? Happy new year to you Ian!! Blessings...

Jo-Anne Meadows said...