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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

October 31, 2013

It's Been a Busy Week!

It seems that everything happens all at once. Our health provider phoned to say my back operation was scheduled for November 27th, the day  we take possession of our new house! After 5 years of waiting, why now? I explained the situation, the fact that Elaine was now home after 8 weeks in hospital and that I am the primary care giver, plus we were moving that week. She agreed to punt the operation out to March.

Elaine is home and doing well. each day she gets stronger and stronger. she is now putting on some weight and eating regularly. She is starting to sleep and things are sorting themselves out. She is still very weak and tires easily. Parkinson's Disease is a nasty one with lots of bad side effects related to the medication. That too, seems to be coming around.

Today we had the house inspection on our new (to us) place. Monday is the inspection on our Acreage. November 8 is the date where all conditions should be removed by both parties and November 22 is the possession date for us, and the 27th is when we have to be out.

In between there will be meetings with the Realtor, the banker (for bridge financing) and a few other folks. Somebody please tell me when this becomes fun?

Sorry no pictures lately. There just doesn't seem to be time in the day with all the things to collect and put in the garage so we can find them when the snow hits Sunday.

Hope things are going good for all you folks on Halloween.
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