Life On and Off an Acreage

In-sights into moving from an Acreage back to Town, plus a few things I find of interest.

Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

August 10, 2013

Saturday Morning Walk

At 9:00 am on a Saturday, the Town park is pretty quiet.
The Loons are still asleep.
The baby ducks and their mom were awakened by brooklyn trying to catch them by swimming. She swam half way around the pond before she gave up.
The little guys were none the worse for wear, but their  Mom was a little frazzled.
The other loon was awakened at the noise of the chase.
This is some type of water weed that is just beginning to flower. It is interesting that the flowers come up into the air.
We did about 2 km of walking then decided to head for home.
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