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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

August 15, 2013

Getting Ready

It is now mid August and time to be thinking of stocking up for the winter. 25 bales on board, enough for 2 horses for one month. Seven more loads to go! Normally i can get 35 bales per load, but my back will not allow me to get the extra tier on the truck, so I make an extra trip.

The Ford is a 7700 series and does not even notice the load when going up the steep hill coming to our place. This load is last years hay, but still good and cheap at the price $2/ bale. this years hay will be $5/bale and I will be picking up 150 bales of that.

With all the rain this year, and the great hay crops, i am surprised that the price hasn't dropped. I see signs that people are exporting to drought areas, so i guess that's the reason it is holding up.

I gave the girls a small sample and they wolfed it down. They were reaching, trying to feed off the truck when I was backing into the storage area. They have a good memory for some things!

Time goes fast when you are having fun!
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