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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

August 31, 2013

Quite a Week!

For me, Wednesday and Thursday are a bit of a blur.

I decided about noon on Wednesday to go for a horse ride. I took Alpine out because she was next in line for a ride. she was very compliant in the paddock, so I started to ride her around the Acreage. No problems. The second time up the driveway at a fast trot, she ducked her head and bucked! I had no time to get my weight back, so departed the horse on the second buck. Normally, I can ride through this, but not this time. I went over the handle bars about 8 feet up, and landed flat on my back.
The Cause

The next thing I remember  is Brooklyn licking my face and head butting me to get up. I looked for Alpine and saw her up near the house walking back to the corral.
The Heroine

I managed to get to my knees just in time to see Elaine leaving the house to catch Alpine.

This was the first time that I didn't want to get back up on the horse, or should I say, couldn't?

I managed to get up the hill, un saddle her and get her back into the yard with Biz. I put the tack away then went in to lay down for a bit. My back was pretty badly bruised and I had a few cuts on the inside of my arm. I was dizzy and Elaine decided that I was going to the hospital.

They took X-rays which showed nothing broken as far as they could see. However I was in a lot of pain so they shipped me over to Hinton for a CAT scan, thinking that I may have damaged liver, kidneys or?  It turns out every thing was OK except for a partially deflated lung, which they said would recover by itself.

The new resident at the hospital gave me a real going over for not wearing a helmet. She was not too receptive to the fact that I did not hit my head, but managed to tuck it.

They gave me a couple of pills, anti inflammatory and pain which made things bearable.

Thursday after noon they released me to go home.

Now, Elaine has been suffering from the onset of Parkinson's disease which has severely limited her mobility and ability to eat or drink. The medicines that they have prescribed so far have given minimal relief so far. Friday morning they stuck her in the hospital to try and get to the bottom of things. This was not quite an overlap, but close.

The ex patient (me) is now the one doing the visiting.

All in all, quite a week!


The Dancing Donkey said...

The resident is right - wear a helmet! I had a wreck very similar to that about 12 years ago and almost ended up detaching my shoulder from the rest of my body. It had to get put back on with the surgical version of baling wire and duct tape. And, if I hadn't been wearing a helmet....lets just say I wouldn't be here to lecture you now:)

I hope you get feeling better soon and that the docs can do something for Elaine. My prayers are with you.

Alica said...

I'm sorry you've both had such a rough week! Take care of yourself...and your wife too! Thinking of you both!

peihome said...

Oh Ian, I'm so glad you're okay (well, mostly okay). Yikes. You can buy protective vests too, you know - might be a good idea! Hope Elaine is out of the hospital soon.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm so sorry. i knew, with the building of the ramp, elaine's health must have been weakened. i'm sorry for your injuries, too. i hope next week will be better for all of you.

Montanagirl said...

Oh dear - no one wants to dismount their horse in that fashion! I hope you recover soon, and best wishes to your wife too!

Tombstone Livestock said...

I guess I am way behind on reading some posts, missed this one somehow. Sorry to hear about you going over the handles bars, not fun, think a helmet and a flack jacket are good ideas, hmmm Christmas is coming soon, put that on your list for Santa, even the tough rodeo guys are wearing them now. Keep the cowboy hat for when you are riding in the truck.