Life On and Off an Acreage

In-sights into moving from an Acreage back to Town, plus a few things I find of interest.

Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, Again.

No More rain for a while!

Some serious Munching!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?


TexWisGirl said...

boots! you crack me up!!!

those horses are in heaven, now. almost makes all that ice and snow worthwhile!

S. Etole said...

It has certainly greened up beautifully.

Lana said...

Through the seasons, you always have breathtaking scenery!


Alica said...

They sure look happy! It looks so different without all that snow!

luckybunny said...

Beautiful photos :) And love that sunshine!