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December 14, 2012

If I was in Charge!

1. There would be a "Get out and vote" policy that said basically "It is both a privilege and a duty to vote in Federal Elections" or else, if you miss voting in 2 consecutive elections, you lose all rights as a citizen. That would include, government pensions, welfare benefits, Workman's Compensation and Old Age Security, plus a few other "benefits".

Sure there would have to be some exceptions, but only when authenticated as valid.

Why 2 consecutive misses? Well it would keep people voting in every election just in case one time they could not get out and vote. Who would want to take a chance?

2. Driving under the influence would result in immediate confiscation of the vehicle, permanently and it would be sold with the cash going to victims compensation. Who cares if it is a company vehicle, or Daddy's car? What is the company or Daddy doing allowing a drunk to drive? It is ultimately the driver's choice to drink and drive. Accept the consequences and quit the whining about not being responsible. You are!

3. Using a gun or knife or other weapon to commit a crime would result in a 5 year jail sentence. It might be a little more risky for law enforcement personnel, but they normally all exercise caution in any situation today. Sure, some don't, but I think that is their personal choice and they need to accept the consequences. Citizens would be allowed to defend themselves and their property without being treated as a criminal. If a firearm is involved in the defense, so be it. It is the criminals choice to attempt to rob somebody. Accept the fact that you could be shot dead. Never mind the excuses that you may have been abused, beaten, etc. as a child and that you don't consider yourself responsible. You are!

4. The judicial system would be overhauled. In Alberta you will likely suffer or pay more for injuring an animal than committing vehicular homicide. Continue the prison education, but get rid of the coloured TV. Learn a trade by building roads or whatever to earn the pay.

Put time limits on the period from arraignment to resolution. Why does it take 3 to 7 years for a case to go to court? Ridiculous! If a lawyer needs that much time to prepare, then the person charged needs a new ( efficient) lawyer. When judged, tighten up on the appeal system. A lawyer today can appeal, then appeal the appeal etc. If judged guilty by your peers, take the medicine!

I would also explore the possibility of getting elected judges. In other words, assign them some accountability, and keep the government in power from assigning who they want in.

Get rid of this concept of having time served ( or even worse) double time served while waiting in remand. Where is the incentive to get these cases resolved in the courts?

5. I would be looking at the auto industry with a close eye. Why does any vehicle today need 400 HP in it? With gasoline going up and up, should we not be downsizing our expectations in muscle performance? And be demanding more efficient, smaller motors rather than larger? There likely is a need for high power in some work vehicles, but not in all.  If power is needed, for high weight such as loads and pulling, then put a tamper free governor in the vehicle to prevent the waste of this power on the highway ( 165kph in a 100 zone).

6. Canada is a nation that was built on Christian Principles. Let's get back to these! If people want to immigrate and we want them to, then make one of the requirements that they must agree to follow these principles or apply to some other country. Christ is out of the schools, out of the holidays and out of the homes. Let's get back to teaching core values that are important to the Country. I have no problem with people of other faiths or callings, but I do have a problem when their beliefs cause mine to be removed.

7. The Young Offender's Act would be tossed out. As a citizen, I have a right to know who is committing crimes in my neighbourhood.  If somebody's future may be jeopardized, somebody may think twice about offending!

Reading this over, I guess these are seven  reasons why I am not running things.

 That's the trouble with cold winters on the Acreage, too much time to think. It may be a lively coffee session at A&W  Monday morning.
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