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December 13, 2012

First Snowshoe of the Year

These are Ojibwa shoes that are about 45 years old. They are still going strong, although some of the babiche is getting a little thin. They have many, many miles on them from locations such as Kenora, Iroquois Falls, Thunder Bay and Whitecourt. In fact, they will likely outlast me. I was tempted to get a set of aluminum shoes, but decided that the natural quiet of wood and hide is preferable.

Brooklyn far enjoys the packed trail rather than being a snowplow. She is kind of built to push snow, with narrow shoulders and a wide butt.
 Come on boss! hurry up! I need to go back for a power nap.

 This is noon again and this is about the brightest it gets at this time of year. It's tough to get good photos when the lighting is flat.
 I thought I saw a squirrel! How come he stays on top and I sink? It's not fair!


Mary Ann said...

I learn so much from other bloggers... I thank you for showing us your snowshoes today, and explaining about them. How do you tell they are Ojibwa?

Ian Holland said...

They were made in North Western Ontario, and are of the Ojibwa style. They are a combination shoe with long tails, buried in the picture for tracking straight in open places, and pointed toes for going through bush easily. They are a sort of all round shoe.

Alica said...

I would love to try a pair of snowshoes...although we don't often get enough snow to make it worth it to have a pair. Last year we had maybe 3" total...(but the year before...about 4 feet!)

Michelle said...

I grew up in North Dakota, but never did try any snow shoes. Your lighting might not please you, but the shots are nice!

Annnightflyer said...

The Ojibwa make some of the prettiest stuff Ive ever seen.Those are fantastic.I really like their beadwork too but Im bias.You did really good on the pictures irreguardless of the lighting,its so nice there and it looks soooo quiet!