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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

November 15, 2012

What to do on a Warm Day

A warm day is a great opportunity for a ride. At just above freezing and with a light snowfall, an hour and a half went by pretty quick. I took Biz and my two dogs up to one of the open fields where we played for a while in the untracked snow. It was extremely quiet, so much so that we spooked two white tailed deer out of the willows. Biz took it in stride. No spooks and no flinches.Each time out, I am getting more impressed with her. She is starting to pick up the concept of neck reining real well.

 After the ride she was content to chew on some apple flavoured horse treats and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

A warm day also is an opportunity to hang out with the horses, fill the water trough and generally give scratches to all.

Tucker was content to give her the old horse laugh. Little does she know that she is next in line for a ride. We'll see who laughs then.

 Alpine was content to make some Zeds. She was ridden the other day.


C-ingspots said...

What a beautiful view, and apparently a very quiet country road for your ride. We have so much traffic around here anymore, it's just not safe to ride on any roads unless they're way up in the mountains on the old logging roads. I sure miss those days of being able to just jump on and ride off! Times have changed...
I noticed your salt block. Being blue, is it the cobalt (?) salt block? We've ordered those from a place in Canada a time or two for clients with horses that have a skin disease that causes mottling on the skin. Not Appaloosas. We only have iodized or trace mineral salt blocks down here. Enjoy the day!! We have gorgeous sunshine and blue skies today, and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. But they're predicting a big rain and wind storm this weekend. Wouldn't you know it? POO!!

Alica said...

I must say, that's a beautiful view from the back of your horse! I can almost hear the snow squeaking underfoot!

Bev said...

It looks beautiful...the temp sounds not bad!!... I hate to say it though... I down south...wearing a sweater and its 21C... maybe I'm been down here to long...starting to feel the weather like the they would say...its a bit nippy down here:)

Terry said...

A nice ride! Do you have any good tricks for snowball build-up in hooves? I've tried oil, Pam, etc, but nothing works long enough.

joyce said...

Don't know who's the luckier, you or the horses.

Michelle said...

Your snow is so beautiful to me. I will be glad when we get a bit. Nice to see your horses out and about. Nice perspective with the shot from the top of the horse.

peihome said...

Terry, either go shoeless if that's an option, or use that thick goop that comes in a can. Or it used to come in a can. I had horses years ago and I used it for those snowballs - it's like a hoof conditioner?? It's super thick, hence its effectiveness. Just ask at the feed store.

Great shots, Ian. Your horses are so fuzzy already!